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Metabolic Surgery Cures Diabetes?

Dr. Daniel Tong - Co-Founding President (Surgical Chapter) Historically, type 2 diabetes (T2DM) is managed by life-style modification in combination of pharmacotherapy. Despite advances in diabetes pharmacotherapy, few patients with achieve therapeutic goals let alone complete remission. Metabolic surgery is the use of gastrointestinal operations, originally designed to induce weight loss &...


Past, Present and Future of Obesity Medicine

Dr. Michele Yuen - Co-Founding President (Medical Chapter), HKOS Welcome to the inauguration of the Hong Kong Obesity Society (HKOS)! The Past – Misconceptions and Inopportune Time Acceptance of obesity as a medical condition, rather than a lifestyle choice, had been slow both worldwide and locally, and the true local prevalence of obesity had been grossly underestimated. The with...

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